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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Furniture Shopping and Pouting

     Jet is a very quick learner about things.  And one thing that he has recently learned is that when I say "Let's Get Dressed" that means he gets to go with me.  He LOVES going with me!  And he now thinks he should go with me each and every time I leave the house.  However, as good as he is, he just doesn't fit into my kayak and so he didn't get to go last night.  So now, when he realizes I'm not planning to take him, he sits and pouts.  He gives me puppy dog eyes.  He backs himself into a corner rather than gets into his kennel like I ask.  And once he's in his kennel, he stares at me very longingly for a minute before he huffs, groans, and slams himself onto the floor to pout.  He's very dramatic.  If assistance work doesn't work out for him he has a future on the stage.  :)

     He also showed his irritation yesterday while furniture shopping.  We are looking for some office furniture...not real exciting for anyone.  He did really well with his manners in the stores.  But, when he'd get tired of standing in one spot looking at one thing, he'd do his little huff (quietly at least) and flop very dramatically onto the floor until it was time to move along.  He fits right in with our kids!  He hasn't realized yet that, just like with the kids, we're not interested in his full time amusement and entertainment.

Beautiful night on the lake

He was showing me how he could balance just fine on the front...pretty good considering the kayak was wobbling back and forth while he was sitting there.  

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