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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jet's First Public Appearance

     Today was a big day for Jet.  He went out in public for the first time, and to a rather large event.  It was a promotional/awareness event for Assistance dogs held at Zona Rosa in KC.  There were lots of people, dogs, noises, etc.  He did a pretty good job.  He is a little bit whiny, but did pretty well for his first outing.  He kept his bottom on the ground while being pet and minded his manners around the other dogs.  And, it was fun to see Jet in comparison to the Valentine Litter.  He is pretty much as big as they are!  Just confirmed what I already knew...he's gonna be a big boy!

     The second exciting thing we were able to do is bring home a puppy, totally non KSDS related, to a family we know.  It was a little yellow lab that needed a forever home.  It has been a fun week for me being able to introduce two exceptional families to their dogs.  I think if I could find a job doing that I would.  And knowing that the dogs are going to receive exceptional care is very heartwarming!  The little girl in the picture is going to be a first grader at my school, too.  Seeing the smile on her face when I handed her her dog was amazing!

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