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Friday, August 23, 2013

To Cabela's we go!

    I have been excited all week to take Jet out on his first outing as an official puppy in training, cape and all.  (Even though I still haven't found the time to call about a smaller cape.)  Unfortunately, we had school open houses every night this week so it wasn't until tonight that we got to really do anything fun.  Pat "needed" to go to Cabela's and I thought that was a perfect opportunity for Jet.  I have been very mildly worried about him being a bit timid.  He tends to be a little bit whiny and clingy to me.  But, he appears to be outgrowing it.  Tonight, he showed me he wants to work.  He was willing to do anything I asked.  I didn't push him too much as far as commands.  I mainly just let him explore while maintaining an appropriate loose leash.  He was naturally very curious about the animals.  Some other things he "noticed" were the giant waders.  He kept sniffing at them and then looking up as if he was confused as to where the top of the person was.   He liked looking at the water under the bridge and the fish.  And he saw himself in a mirror down at his level.   The only problem area I noticed was he didn't like people walking behind him when he was sitting beside me waiting for Pat.  Other than that he was very patient and confident.  I forgot how many people are curious when you have a smaller puppy.  I talked to several people about assistance dogs and answered lots of questions.  Smaller puppies must seem more approachable than larger dogs because it had been quite awhile since people had asked so many questions like that with Churry.  We finished up the evening with a stop for ice cream before we headed home.  He did a really good job of not sniffing and licking the floor in there.  Enjoy the pictures, even though they are poor quality because I forgot my camera.

Enjoyed looking at the fish

This exhibit was the most interesting for him.  There were several smaller animals very close to him.

This is the only whimper of the night that he let out.  He quickly quieted down when I corrected him and I didn't hear a peep out of him again.

Some simple commands to show off for the lions and elephants.

He did an excellent job of leaving stuff alone on the ground.

This was a perfect obstacle for him to practice on.  It's a rocky ramp to try out hiking boots on.  

He was very cautious, yet confident going up and down the strange surface.

Giving me 5.  He was willing to do whatever I asked him to try tonight with very little coaxing at all.

Practicing a short stay.  He's looking at me, don't worry, I didn't walk this far away from him in a crowded parking lot!

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