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Friday, November 4, 2011

Churry meets my students!

     Churry got to meet my students for the first time yesterday!  Kinsey had an appointment so on the way back to school we stopped home and picked up Churry.  It worked perfectly because it was Kinsey's Star of the Week day and she wanted to share Churry with her class as well.  It was also perfect because Churry was only there for about an hour....perfect for her first visit!  Pat went with us for Kinsey's Star of the Week, so he was able to assist when Churry needed a break outside.  Churry did really well.  She was really excited and wiggly at first, but settled down very nicely after about 30 minutes.  She walked nicely and didn't solicit TOO much attention, maybe just a little!  She even handled the chaos of releasing to the busses like a pro!  There's something to be said for that!  She still did not care for the intercom AT ALL and whimpered at me a little bit.  She just doesn't care for that mystery person not showing their face!  I have confidence she'll get used to it, though!  I'm hoping to get her out for some good walks this weekend...outdoor walks that are enjoyable for me might be becoming limited with the weather getting colder!  I'll have to join the elderly at the mall!

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  1. Good job Churry. You sound like you're a great little golden girl.