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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crowded Stores!

     I was feeling quite a bit better today and also very tired of being stuck inside, so after Pat and I had lunch I took Churry on a little outing.  We went to Petco, where she met some ferrets, birds and fish.  Other than some slight interest in the ferrets she was fairly bored and just kept laying down.  So we practiced walking past other dogs and "minding our own business."  She really does not do very fantastic in pet stores for some reason.  She is not very attentive to me and usually is just  rolling around on the ground.  This is the only store she ever does this in.  I think the smell of all the other animals distracts her a lot.

    When we were finished in there we went through Office Depot and Tuesday Mornings.  These were both uneventful and not a lot for her to look at or see.  The last place we went to was Pier One.  The ladies in there were very nice!  It's amazing what you notice about stores when you are practicing with your puppy!  Pier One is a VERY crowded store with lots of tight spaces to maneuver through.  Churry was the best behaved in this store. (Thank goodness!)  She stayed tucked very close to me and didn't try to sniff or grab at anything.   Shopping with her is a lot like shopping with a toddler, except I can't pick her up and carry her!

  I'm looking forward to having some time with her big sister, Shelby, this week, too!  Hopefully, Shelby can give her some lessons about behaving while being groomed!  I hear Shelby loves to look beautiful!


  1. Have fun with Shelby. She is such a sweetheart. Churry sounds like a great pup.

  2. Shelby's reputation has preceded her! She is known in some circles as Shelby Jean the Beauty Queen.
    I hope that her and Churry have a blast together and that she is a good girl for you. Churry is a sweet girl and doing a great job it sounds like!