"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it along to someone else." Mitch Albom

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shelby's Visit

         Since Churry got spayed on Wednesday, I don't have a whole lot of exciting news to say about her, except the night before she got to go shopping with Jordan and myself.  Now, if she could talk, she would probably have a lot to say about that terrible day.  I've never seen a more pathetic looking, agitated, relieved to see me, dog in my life as I did on Wednesday evening.  My mom went with me to pick her up from the vet and it was clear that even a dog knows a grandma when it sees one!  She briefly greeted me, but then went immediately to my mom for some sympathy and told her all about her awful day!  She seems to be recovering very well and thinks it's very rude that I won't let her play rough with her sisters.  
    When we got home from the vet Churry's sister, Shelby, was there.  She is staying with us this weekend and has been a lot of fun!  First of all, Shelby is a big snuggler!  Churry would never dream of sitting still long enough to cuddle with anyone and when she sleeps she prefers to do so in her kennel.  But, Shelby, on the other hand, can't get enough of snuggling with us!  She is such a sweetheart!  Shelby got to take in Topeka Ballet's production of The Enchanting Nutcracker, which my daughter danced in.  She was very well behaved.  She just sat under my feet the entire time.  I wondered what she would think of the dark and the loud music, but she took it all in stride and just hung out at my feet.  It makes me laugh when I think of what Churry might have done if I had taken her.  :)  It's hard to believe a year from now she will hopefully be mature enough to take to an event like that.


  1. What a great visit - Shelby's such a good dog! M will be glad to hear Shelbs has been so good!

  2. Shelby's a wonderful dog. I love how she snuggles. Spark,like Churry, wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. Hope Churry recovers soon.