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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppy Gathering

On Saturday Churry got to go to the Lawrence/Kansas City area KSDS puppy gathering.  I love going to these.  I learn very helpful tips and love getting to talk to other puppy raisers and graduates.  Churry loved getting to play with new dogs, although at first I thought she might be scared.  She warmed up after a bit and made friends with her big sister, Shelby, who is coming to stay with us next week!  She also loved playing with Buttercup, who is an adorable yellow lab about her exact age.

After the playtime for puppies, they had to work.  She had to do an obstacle course where they practiced heeling by a wheelchair, greeting a person in a wheelchair, walking through a hula hoop, and ignoring distractions such as tennis balls, food, etc.  Churry didn't do too bad.  She would have probably done a lot better if I would have been behind the wheelchair instead of on her left side.  She is usually the one on the left side so it was a little awkward, but it did give me some ideas for how to work with her.  Then later, she got to practice her awesome Down Stay with lots of distractions.  She did fantastic!  That's her favorite skill to show off!  She ended her outing by practicing her modeling skills for a KSDS fundraiser flyer.  Topeka/Lawrence people:  Keep this in mind in January.  There is a wine tasting at Marcelli's in Lawrence that will benefit KSDS.  Too bad I despise wine!  Sorry Lisa and Mandi!  I'll just sell some tickets.  :) 
     Tonight we took Churry to Home Depot.  I wanted some practice beside a shopping cart before taking her at a time when I actually need to shop.  She did really well.  It was a night and day difference between this outing and her very first Lowe's outing where she was tugging on the leash and acting scared of the singing dancing monkey.  We did revisit those singing obnoxious animals and this time she just sat and watched them.  If I was a better puppy raiser, I'd remember my camera on these outings!    I think I'll do better at getting her pictures when she's older and I'm not totally focused on whether or not she may need to pee! 
    I think Churry is at an interesting age where sometimes she is very skittish about things and some times she is just calm as can be.  The outings I think are going to potentially be stressful for her she is very pulled together and acts very mature.  Times when I think she should not be having a problem at all she is pulling and acting silly.  It's these silly times where she will get startled by things she should be used to like birds or leaves.  Time will tell, but I think Churry's going to be a great partner for some very lucky person one day!

She's thinking, "I'm trying to heel, but this kid won't let me over there!"

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  1. I wish I had thought of having people push E earlier! Oooops!!!! Oh well, live and learn! She still did super great and showed up some older puppies!!!

    And, it's okay - I'm only going to the wine tasting for the socialization! :)