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Sunday, November 6, 2011


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Who needs toys when you have dead tree branches?
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But, Churry gets new ones anyway!      Churry has once again got to go shopping!  She gets more new things than I do these days.  She had worn out her favorite toy so I took her to PetSmart to get a new one.  She picked out Fred.  Hopefully, Fred is made as well as her last toy because it lasted through a good two months of her non-stop hard chewing and rough playing.  She did really well in PetSmart except for in the toy aisle.  She's as bad as a kid!  She wasn't grabbing anything, but whined several times.  I can't decide if it's because I wouldn't let her play with the toys or because she was bothered by something!  She really wanted to play with a tire toy, but I wouldn't let her have it because it was $25.00.  I told her maybe she could tell Santa she wanted that one. 
     Churry also went to a 4-H Dog Obedience class.  I had never been to a 4-H dog event before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was perfect for her!  It was very well organized and ran.  The other dogs were very well-behaved.  We worked on heeling, extended Sit and Stays, Down, and about turns.  Churry did awesome!  She was just as good as the other dogs and I think would have won the "Stay" contest, but they finally moved on to something else.  I look forward to going back.  She needs to work on her commands around lots of distractions like that.  The only thing she didn't do well was heeling when another dog was right behind her.  She wanted to turn around and socialize!  They don't let the dogs have "play time" like they do at KSDS puppy class so I think she will enjoy that next week when we go to the puppy get-together. 
    Churry has also enjoyed some long walks this week.  The weather has been beautiful.  In order to keep her walks interesting, we've been walking in the leaves rather than on the sidewalk.  It gives her a different walking experience.  At first it was really distracting for her, but she's getting better.

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Churry was the cutest witch I saw on Halloween!
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Best Friends!

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  1. Cute! I love the new pics you put at the top and bottom of your blog. I think Churry makes a pretty witch. Hope to see you at KSDS puppy class.