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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Couches are not for PIT's!

Churry has been having a very difficult week with the couch.  She's not understanding the idea that she's NOT allowed up there.  We've had to work on it a lot this weekend because, once again, I've caught some bug from school!  You would think after this many years of teaching my immunity would be better!  This makes for a very boring weekend for Churry, but we have been working a lot on "Off" in regards to the couch.  It doesn't help when I fell asleep and wake up with her on my legs very comfy and gazing up at me with those huge puppy dog eyes! 
     She's also very sneaky about it.  So I know she KNOWS the rule, just chooses not to follow it.  She will do a "Here up" as invited and sit there and enjoy the petting.  But she will gradually and very sneakily (or so she thinks) get a little bit more of herself up there one back leg at a time and very carefully snuggle her way into me, watching me the entire time to see if I'm going to notice.  So I make her get off and the sneakiness starts again.  As naughty as it is, it sure is cute!

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  1. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help myself. I can just see her cute little self doing that and thinking how smart she is too! Hope you feel better soon! Getting the crud is never fun.