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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Autism Awareness Carnival

Churry, Tayler and I had the opportunity to attend the Autism Awareness Carnival this afternoon.  Tayler was volunteering and Churry was having a fun outing.  It was a super experience for her.  There was a moderate amount of people there for a typical outing for her so it made it nice because she was able to practice her greetings and had plenty of opportunity to take in the sights without feeling rushed.  She also had many unique exposures and ran into another KSDS friend, Alex and Hope.

Churry is checking out the flashing lights on the fire engine.

Enjoying her first train ride.  Seeing how nervous she was on her first ride I decided to take her for two more rides.  I'm happy to say she must have enjoyed herself because on the next two rides she jumped right in and calmly sat on the floor.

Saying hi to a KSDS friend.

Checking out the one of the 4 loud inflatables.

Watching the other inflatables and standing calmly right in front of the very loud speakers with music blaring.

Very brave standing in front of the loud train engine

Practicing some "jump on" and "Sit/Stay" while nobody else was in line

Even higher!


  1. Love the firetruck poses - what a sweet dog! So happy you guys had a great day with success in new experiences!!

  2. Wow! look at all the fun experiences! Looks like fun!