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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A visit to an agility course

     The last couple of nights Churry and I have had the opportunity to go work on an agility course.  It was a great experience for both of us.  The course had a variety of obstacles including poles to jump over, a hoop to jump through, a flower jump, an A frame to walk up and down, a catwalk, a hula hoop maze, a tunnel, a box to sit/stay in, and a teeter totter.  Being that Churry is not yet a year old and the larger jumps could potentially be hard on her joints, she went on the course for medium/small dogs, which means the jumps are a little lower.  However, I think her jumps out of my Expedition are much higher and she lands on asphalt coming out of there...:(  Maybe I should be lifting her out of the vehicle as well as in?  Anyway, she really seemed to enjoy the agility course.  By tonight she had actually jumping over the obstacles figured out rather than just stepping over them.  And she had no problem getting acclamated to the tunnel...in fact, she loved it.  She liked to go about half way through it and then lie down!  I don't think that's really the point, but hey, she wasn't scared!  She also really enjoyed walking up and down the A-frame.  She did not, however, want anything to do with the teeter totter or the catwalk.  So I just focused on the other obstacles and practicing those.

     The great thing about this experience for her was the chance to be around different dogs.  It was a place where I know the other dogs all have current vaccinations and will be kept on leashes so I felt it was safe and non-threatening for her.  She is and always has been fascinated by little dogs.  She likes to fool me by sitting very calm and pretty so I give her a lot of slack in her leash...then she lunges to get close to them.  She doesn't bark, growl, or anything like that...she would just really like to play with one!  I wish I knew a little dog that I trusted enough to let her play with, but I don't know any nice little dogs that wouldn't try to bite her nose off.  She did very well tonight with her manners around them though.  No lunging!

     I'm still looking forward to next week when she can have full access to our house.  Just when we are getting things figured out, she will be able to have full access again.  She's finally learned to go straight down the stairs and go in and out the back door when we come in and out.  I think we will probably leave her crate down there because it is so much cooler for her down there and she gets hot very quickly.

     Looking forward to a fun weekend with her without home renovations!

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