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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Monumental Day in Churry's Life!

     Churry had a very monumental day today!  We took our oldest daughter to her first college visit and Churry  went along.  Of course, we went to K-State!  Churry was very good.  It was Open House so there were lots of people, sights, and sounds including a little train that just loved honking its loud horn every time it was near us.  After climbing many sets of stairs inside the buildings, walking forever, ignoring people, visiting the KSDS booth, seeing her brother Perdido, and meeting Willie the Wildcat she was exhausted and ready for a nap at the restaurant afterwards.  She was pretty naughty at the restaurant though because before she layed down under my feet she nabbed a chip off the floor.  :(  That is something we are needing to work on!  She's a foodie!  I was proud of all the compliments she received on campus, though, and glad about all of the people that knew about KSDS already!
It's hard to believe we will bring Tayler here in just 2 short years!  And hard to believe Churry won't be here for that moment!

Churry loves her brother, Perdido, and we always seem to run into them!

Churry sat very nicely for Willie and was only a bit startled when she looked up to see who was petting her.

This is a picture of a proud dog!  Her first picture with Willie is an important moment in a kid's life!


  1. Now you need to try KU! :) What a great time! Glad Churry (& Perdido) were such great representatives for KSDS! And, at least Churry knows where to go now when she goes back for her health certs!

    1. Have no worries Lisa! Our 2nd child will want to visit KU...we are a house divided!