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Friday, April 13, 2012

Churry's Hobby

      Churry has a hobby, or possibly obsession, with chewing on sticks.  She will go out and lay in our yard for hours chewing on a stick.  And if it's pouring rain...that's the best time for stick chewing!  Lucky for me, it has not started raining yet here.  It was a beautiful evening so Churry was able to enjoy it outside.  Now, the past week, she has started to run out of sticks from the woodpile.  She likes to get a new one each trip outside.  I open the door to let her out, she immediately makes a stop at the wood pile to collect a new stick, and then goes about her business.  That might be running with the stick, trying to get a drink out of the bucket with the stick, or lying in one of her favorite spots.  These are either underneath the slide or by the neighbor's shed.  When I was watching her tonight I noticed that since she was low on small sticks she had grabbed quite a large stick.  It was more like a small log.  Also in the wood pile is scraps of lumber from one of Pat's projects.  She took her small log out to her spot and then returned to get a board!  I wish I could have grabbed my camera in time because it was quite a sight watching her haul her "finds" to her spot.  She got in a lot of stick chewing tonight and even a trip with Pat, Jacob, Kinsey and myself to Dairy Queen.

Yes, she carried all of the logs and boards across our whole yard to her pile!

I think she has a future as a wood carver!  

I like how she has her collection all nicely lined up the same distance from the shed!

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