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Monday, April 9, 2012


     Life for Churry can be best described as chaos the last two weeks!  Not that she's got to do tons of crazy outings...oh, no!  The chaos isn't that fun!  The chaos I'm describing is remodeling!  That means, no fun outings for Churry other than to Home Depot, BB&B, Dick's Sporting Goods for me a new pair of shoes, and Target. Not what I would exactly describe as super fun training outings for her.  We had hardwood floors put in our living room and kitchen, tile in the laundry room, and painted several areas, which is pretty much the whole main floor of our house with the exception of the bedrooms.  This means she had her kennel moved to the basement and she has to socialize with us cramped up in our bedroom, which has been overtaken by all of the furniture.  She also can't walk on the floors for a few days so Pat has been carrying her from the door to our room.  She thinks this is all very strange and, like me, would really like her house back!
      With no time for outings, I've been trying to do some training here at home.  Besides the exposure to the loud equipment such as the sander, nailgun, and other items, we have really been working on getting into the vehicle on her own and "jumping on".  She is very iffy about both of these.  She will get into the vehicle if I put her meal in there....if not, you can forget it!  She will put her front feet up on the seat, see if her meal is there, if it's not  she will turn around and look at us and wait for her boost.  She is a very stubborn puppy when she decides she's not going to do something, and apparently, jumping into the vehicle is something she's decided she's not doing!  So the persistence will continue...hers and mine I'm sure!  She also will not jump onto any surface above about 2 feet, unless she has a chair there to break up the jump.  She's not scared once she's up there and will do whatever I ask once up there.  She will also "go up" on anything I ask, which is her command to put her front paws on a surface.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
      Hopefully, by my next post, we will have a functioning home again!

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  1. My first pup Runza had to go through that when my condo flooded (thanks to upstairs neighbors). We even had to live in a hotel for 3 weeks. It was quite an adjustment, but I can say we both learned a lot in that time! YAY for Churry for being so versatile! Hm, hint at something we can practice Sunday? :)