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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

    A walk in the woods may not seem like that big of an outing, but you just never know what your pup is going to be afraid of, excited about, or just plain silly about!  This walk did show a comeback of an area that has been haunting Jet...sometimes he is afraid of other dogs.  Yesterday, we were walking towards our "woodland adventure" and we had to walk past a yard that has two white Eskimo dogs.  They always bark and throw quite a fit when I run by them, so I knew they would do the same when we walked past them with our labs.  And, they hadn't changed!  Barked quite ferociously.  They have a really good fence, so I wasn't worried about our safety, but Jet about lost himself!  He was nearly panicked trying to figure out which way to run.  :(  Poor guy!  We will not go that way again...and, I will have to probably do some damage repair.  I feel really bad for not thinking how troublesome of a spot it could be for him.  Now, I will seek out dogs to walk by that I know are not as mean sounding to my poor guy!  Preferably ones that don't bark at all for awhile!  Once, we got past them, though, he settled right down very quickly.  He wasn't nervously looking behind us or anything.  So that's a plus!  And the woods were a hit with him!  He loved finding sticks to carry and sniffing all the new smells!  And we got home from our beautiful walk just in time...30 minutes later it was crazy windy, freezing, and SNOWING!  We were only wearing sweatshirts on our walk!  Crazy KS weather!

You can't really tell, but he is doing a "jump on" onto a really big rock.  This guy will do ANYTHING for me!

And another poor photo, but he's found a prized stick that must come home with us!

I know he would have stayed with us, but I just wasn't quite ready to let him off-leash!

Another new experience.  At first, he long jumped over them, but after a little practice he stood on it like he had not a care in the world!

He's normally not allowed to walk out in front like this, but this is where Bailey walks, and he likes to be up beside her.  He has a perfect walk right at my side, too, so I don't think an exception will hurt him.

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