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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Annual Bowling Party

     My school has chosen to forego a Staff Christmas Party the last couple of years and has had a post-Christmas bowling party instead.  Last year this was an outing I didn't hesitate a second about taking Churry on.  She was so calm in crazy situations that I had no concerns.  And, I was right, she curled up and slept the entire night.

    Jet, on the other hand, reacts much differently to things.  I hesitated about taking him, but decided to give it a try.  I decided ahead of time I would not bowl and we would be able to leave if he was showing signs of stress...a.k.a, WHINING.    When we first walked in he was on high alert.  He jumped the first time he heard the pins being knocked down as we were walking to the far end of the bowling alley where our lanes were.  But, after that initial reaction, he did amazing!  He actually loved it!  I think it was his favorite place we have ever been.  There was no sleeping from this guy.  He snoozed for maybe 5 minutes, but the rest of the time he was either in a down position or standing and observing.  Jet has NEVER been a puller and he's also always been really good about leaving crumbs and things alone in public.  This party was no different.  He maintained a loose leash no matter how interesting things were or how badly he wanted to go see.  He had several staredowns with some popcorn, but never ate any.  He tolerated kids walking over the top of him, running by him, loud noises, etc.  And most importantly, he had NO WHINING AT ALL!  I think if there is a professional bowler on KSDS's waiting list, Jet is the guy for them.

I started off sitting here in this corner, but moved after I realized he wasn't planning on napping.  I took him to a place he could see the action better.

We practiced Down/Under while I sat here.  He did okay with that.  Many times he wanted to get out beside me so he could watch the action.  

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