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Friday, January 24, 2014

Jet's first LONG day at work!

   Jet had his first full day of school today!  He did awesome!  He is really showing a strong working drive when we are going on outings.  He doesn't like being bored, he likes working.  Even at home this past month, I have noticed that he wants to do his commands...over, and over, and over, all night long.  He really enjoyed the kids today.  He got slightly anxious during some really intense times such as PE when the kids started cheering and clapping REALLY loudly for their team.   He also got a little nervous at recess when a bunch of kids crowded around us.  But, he was able to work through both of them by taking a break and returning to the gym.  When we went back in he was really calm and watched intently.  We also worked on some commands in the midst of the chaos.  I use the word chaos very nicely...our PE teacher is amazing!  It was organized, but loud, with kids running past Jet as fast as they could.  He was fascinated and I think he thought he would really enjoy the game, too!

     Some very positive things he did today included practicing a sit and down while I stood about 10 feet away.  I had students get up and walk between us, around him, over the top of him, etc.  He stayed very nicely until I released him.  He also walked through crowds of kids very calmly and politely.  And , my day was made, when walking out to the bus, we ended up next to a child who walks differently.  Jet was very patient and kept making eye contact with that child to see if we needed to slow down.  Melted my heart!

    We also did a quick presentation during my plan time for another class.  They had excellent questions and Jet performed his skills very well for them.  It was the very end of the day and he was getting hungry and tired (and maybe had a little whine slip out a couple of times), but he still did exactly what I asked.

   And now, he is sound asleep!  I think I wore him out!  Unfortunately, while trying to get him, Kinsey, her backpack, her violin, my schoolbag, purse, two lunchboxes, extra gloves and hats for recess duty, and 3 sets of keys out the door I forgot my phone!  So, I have no pictures!  Here is one right after we got home before he fell into his deep exhausted sleep.  Have a great weekend!

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