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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leave it!

    Jet does a really good job inside the house at leaving things alone when commanded.  He has not internalized this behavior to always just do it on his own, but he follows the command very well along with "drop it".  The last couple of weeks have tested his will on these commands in some pretty funny and cute ways that happened totally by accident.
    The first was with his beloved rope toy.  It was time for this one to go to the trash can after some of the strings from it started to come apart.  If he sees ANYONE with his rope he gets super excited and runs over and grabs it.  (Poor manners that we are working on)  Well, I was headed to the trash can with it and as soon as he saw where I put it he ran over, grabbed it back out, and ran away with it.  So I went and tried again.  This time he ran over and snatched it out of my hands and headed towards his kennel.  I very firmly said "Drop it".  He froze.  He stood there for several seconds without moving a muscle.  I said, "Jet".  He dropped it.  And then sulked off to his kennel to pout.  I guess it's time to go to the pet store to reward his very good obedience with "drop it".  It must be hard letting go of your most prized possession!
      The second incident was tonight.  He was in a down position with his paws out in front of him staring intently at a piece of napkin.  I thought it was just on the floor so I told him to leave it.  He continued staring at it and pretty soon started shaking his paw back and forth.  I guess the napkin was stuck to his paw.  He kept reaching out with his mouth to get it, but then would remember my command,  glance up at me, and continue thinking.  He rubbed it back and forth on the floor, against a chair, but it just wouldn't come off.  He REALLY wanted to get it with his mouth, but held onto the command.  I finally felt bad and got it for him.  But, I was very impressed with his obedience!
Doesn't he look so sad without a rope?

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