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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Night Training

      It has been really cold lately!  And, I am not excited about getting out in it.  So I have been dreaming up ways to keep Jet challenged at home and expanding on his skills.  He is getting the hang of carrying items for me if he can get them straight from my hand.  And, he likes to pick things up off of the floor, just not necessarily on command.  So, we have been focusing on "Get it", "Take it" and "Bring it" a lot the last few days.

     Bailey knows and loves these commands and was more than happy to interrupt assist and participate in the practice.  We practiced tonight with leftover paper plates.

Jet was happy to get it, but felt like taking it somewhere else at this moment.

   And since I haven't gone anywhere this week, we brought strange surfaces to our living room.  An old plastic tablecloth worked quite well.  I spread it out and we walked and practiced commands on it.  After that, I worked on some stays with me shaking and rubbing loud plastic bags all over him.

   What other ideas does everyone have?  Please feel free to comment!

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