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Friday, January 11, 2013

Creating Bigger Challenges at Work

      I've really been working on finding more difficult challenges for Churry when we go on outings and to work.  She has learned right where she belongs at work and is quite content lying there the ENTIRE day snoozing.  In fact, the last time I had her there she would give me an irritated look whenever I would wake her up to go somewhere.  While it's awesome that she doesn't cause a bit of a distraction while she's in my room, I didn't want her to start thinking that she just gets to sleep whenever she's at work.  So I've been thinking up ways to keep her mind busy in addition to staying "unnoticed" while at work.   Today she had to sit in a couple of different places other than "her" spot.  These spots were much closer to the kids, which took more self-control on her part to be still and ignore their adoring looks!

    She also attended her first assembly of the year.  Last year, she was very well behaved, but every time the kids applauded, she would jump up, just sure they needed her for something.  Today, I was very pleased that she didn't budge from her spot after multiple rounds of applause.

    She also accompanied the kids to PE class.  Always an adventure in ignoring distractions!  Today, they were bowling.  Loud Music, Loud Kids, Bowling balls and pins...lots of distractions!  And great preparation for an upcoming social event she will be attending with me. 
Right away this morning she found her spot and settled in.

In a stay on an elevated surface in the background.

Sit and Stay while the ball rolls past multiple times.

She got bored and broke her sit, but at least stayed there.

And her favorite part of the day, being read a story!


  1. What an adventurous day for Churry! Is she coming to our January Social?

  2. The. Best. Classroom. Ever. Your student's are so fortunate to have this experience too - what a great gift you are giving all of them in knowing Churry and Puppy Raising.

  3. Lorle, yes she is coming. She went bowling once when she was really young, but it was in the middle of the day and hardly anyone there. This should be fun for her!

    Elle, thanks for the kind words! I've been thinking about you and Haddie a lot lately and have been being so thankful KSDS raisers get their puppies longer...:( Hugs to you!