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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Silly girl

      After an exhausting trip out to eat and to Wal-Mart (sense my sarcasm), Churry is passed out at my feet.  She always makes me laugh when she jumps out of the vehicle upon arriving home.  She rolls around in the grass for at least 10 minutes as if she's trying to rub her fur completely off.  I need to get a picture of it one of these times.  She's a bit of a drama queen about it!  What does your puppy do when they get their cape off?


  1. immediately picks up his wishbone nylabone and carries it around like a pacifier.

  2. Zinfandel likes to rub her body against a wall after she gets her cape off.

  3. The cape does not bother Haddie, but as soon as the Gentle Leader is off she rubs her muzzle into a deep massage on my legs, my arms, my hands, the towel she lays on in the car, etc. etc. etc.