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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Does it really take this long to drink coffee?

      I've been talking a lot on here about adding new challenges to Churry's work day at school.  This week as I was standing with her I realized that even though she has seen the buses many times, stood in front of them while they all pull in very close to her with the kids being very loud, been right by the doors as they "whoosh" open...she has never actually got on one.  It doesn't really strike me as something that should be that hard, but we are talking about my puppy that I'm still lifting into the vehicle.   So Friday I asked one of the drivers if it would be okay if we got on.   I inserted myself into one of the lines and we boarded the bus.  She wasn't sure at first, but quickly realized that they were just steps and walked right up.  I was proud of her because school buses are VERY noisy and she couldn't see where all the noise was coming from down at her eye level.  If you've never been near one, they also smell a little different.   It's the little things that I keep looking for to make sure she is willing to do before she goes back.  I wanted to practice several more times, but I don't think anyone would have appreciated me holding up the buses on a Friday afternoon!
     On Saturday morning there was no slacking off for Churry, either.  We got up and met a friend at a coffee shop for a chat.  She did a pretty good job of settling in by my chair and patiently waiting.  It was a good exposure because we were not in a booth.  Instead, it was more of two "comfy" chairs with a table in between us.   After an hour and a half, though, she thought surely I should be done with my coffee and was ready to go.  Only come to find out, I also expected her to shop with Jordan and I for a couple of hours for a dress.  She is now napping peacefully hoping her day's work is done.  She feels she deserves time off, too!

    Here's a picture of her being read to in my classroom yesterday.  The kids thought it was hysterical that she got herself a pillow with her paws and lied down on it like a person.  The child that was reading to her didn't want to snuggle and she did a really good job of letting them have their space.   I wish I had it this rough at work!

This picture is of Churry and Kinsey hanging out after school waiting for me to be ready to go.  Her "work" was over.  That's why her cape is off.

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  1. Churry is just so adorable! Love the pillow-picture!!! And awesome work on the school bus! Yay!