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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Indoor Recess

      It's that time of year where we have a lot of indoor recess at school, and for Churry, a lot of creativity with getting out some energy inside at home, too.  It's hard to go on outings when she comes in caked in mud every time she goes outside, so I've been trying to balance short outdoor fun with some indoor games to keep her entertained and happy.  One game that I played a lot with her last year is a "listening" game.  I started off with throwing a ball and making her "wait" to be released before she went and got it.  Then, I made it more difficult by putting her in a stay, walking away from her, throwing it, and then having her do some sort of command going AWAY from the ball before she could go retrieve it.  It took a lot of work last year and I was so proud of her for learning the rules of the game.  I hadn't played it with her for a long time, so yesterday when I didn't feel like going out with her I decided to play it again.  I was pleased that she needed no reminders of the rules.  You could tell she knew she was going to get "tricked" so she was listening really carefully to what I would say.  But, it wasn't challenging for her at all.  So, I need suggestions for indoor games to keep her brain busy!  I'm out of ideas!

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  1. Great idea! My son loves the Hide-n-Seek game with her. She will be in a sit in one room where I am (making sure she doesn't break the sit, and to tell her when to release), and then I tell her to Go Find (insert name). Haddie loves it!! Playing Catch is another one of her favorites. This works just fine in a small room, she has to jump to catch the ball that basically just goes straight up. Then she has to return it to our hand. If it misses our hand and falls on the floor, we won't bend to get it, she has to. It sort of simulates what it might be like if her Handler is wheelchair bound and can't get a good hard toss/chase of a ball outside, and if they aren't able to pick up the ball at ground level.