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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Groceries are hard work!

     Churry has been in grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc. countless numbers of times.  But, when I go for our family of 6's "big" weekly trip I usually go alone or with my husband.  No dog, no kids.  I hate the weekly trip with a passion and it takes every ounce of concentration to get all of our needed items and stay on budget.  I've been thinking recently that while Churry has been on little grocery trips with me frequently (for the items we ran out of  or were missing despite my careful planning) she probably needs to be accustomed to the marathon trips as well.  Her future partner may have a large family like us!  She did beautifully beside the cart, ignoring people, etc. as usual.  What I did learn is how glad I am that she has pretty much mastered "right" and "left" because it certainly helped that she would maneuver herself while I pushed the heavy cart.  It made me understand how important some of these commands are!

      I have also been feeling guilty that I haven't been exposing her to restaurants as often as, perhaps, I should.  We rarely eat out and when we do, it is my husband and I's date.  Again, no dog, no kids.  I've tried to keep that special alone time for us to focus on each other, not what the dog is doing under the table.  She has been to restaurants, but not very many times at all.  It's something that's on my radar to focus on more.  So last night for our ice cream date, along came Churry.  She did great.  I didn't have to focus my attention on her at all because she was perfect!  I didn't even notice she was down there other than the fact her sweet little head was keeping my feet warm.  Ice cream in cold temps is maybe not the best idea!

    And here is what she did while I was cleaning house today...you can't practice food refusal enough.  Especially with this little piggie!  She ignored it for a good hour at least!  After the first hour I added some kibble to the crumbs, but forgot to take a picture.  She ignored that for another hour or so, too.  I think she just likes to prove to other people that I'm making up stories when I'm telling about her being a crumb/floor licker!

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  1. I too do not take Haddie to my weekly marathon grocery trip UNLESS I go when one of my kiddos who can be 100% responsible for Haddie. I have yet to master the calculator, the list, the pen, the shelves, the people, all while excelling at puppy training. =) Good job!!!