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Saturday, January 26, 2013

School Social

       As I was reflecting on Churry's outing tonight, I thought back to the time prior to picking Churry up  and beginning this adventure called puppy raising.  I couldn't imagine the work that went into the puppies to get them to be so calm in any situation and I really didn't know if I'd be able to do it.  Yet, somehow, along the way it has happened.  I don't feel I've really "worked" at it, it's just happened.  She's such a good puppy!   I really thought that Churry showed off her wonderful manners tonight at my school social at the bowling alley.  I have really been looking forward to taking her to it because the bowling alley is definitely not a place we would just decide to go as a family.  And, I THOUGHT it would really be a challenge for her on a Friday night.... loud, tons of people, kids, food smells, balls rolling, etc.  I was dead wrong.  She could not have cared less about anything other than sleeping.  How she could sleep was beyond me.  While I wasn't expecting her to cause trouble or be anxious, I at least expected her to be interested!  We walked in and had to walk through every inch of crowds of people and lanes as the ones they had reserved for us were in the farthest corner from the door.  She very professionally walked through everyone on a nice loose leash without trying to say hi to anyone.  I stood and visited for a bit while she sat beside me.  Then, I showed her the table I was going to sit at and asked her to lie down next to it.  She immediately did and didn't budge the rest of the night.  I think she sat up once to check in with me, but then laid right back down and went back to sleep.  My friends were laughing at her at one point because she was apparently dreaming about chasing something.  Hopefully, her lack of interest in her surroundings and mellow personality means she is really focused, really comfortable in about any situation,  and is not a sign that she's just so lazy that a tornado could be going on around her and she would keep on sleeping!

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  1. Good job Churry! Vance kept wanting to chase the balls down the lane. It was a constant effort in 'leave it'. Good thing he had enough self control not to try to chase them, just stared at them with such intense longing and you could see that was what he wanted to do so badly.