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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angel or Demon Churry? HMMM?

       I will just start this post off with I really and truly adore Churry!  She is sweet, well-mannered and a very fast learner!  We worked on learning to sit yesterday (including when meeting somebody, while I am visiting with another person, and before we go through the front door).  She is doing very well with that. 
       Now, yesterday morning during my post I mentioned the 20 minute tantrum the night before when I told her it wasn't play time in the middle of the night.  HA HA HA!  Last night she woke up at 3:00 so I get up to take her out.  She very obediently went where she was told to.  If you don't know, service dogs go on command in the spot I have selected, while still on their leash.  Unlike Bailey who spends 10 or 15 minutes looking for the PERFECT spot and refuses to go when on her leash.    Anyway, we went back inside and I put her back in her kennel expecting some whining and barking like the night before.  When it started I firmly said, "No!"  She responded by sticking her little head at me and barking LOUDER!  So I ignored her and went and crawled in bed.  (With Kinsey, who woke up to inform me my dog was being terrible and because Bailey had taken my place in bed.  She was appalled at the behavior coming from her little friend.)   An hour later, the tantrum was still happening.  So I thought maybe she really needs to go again.  So I waited for a pause in the fit.  I didn't want her to think she was getting her way.  Well, when I got her out she acted like she was absolutely starving to death and I had fed her a bit earlier than I had the night before and breakfast wasn't that far away.  So, I thought I'll feed her, play a bit, go to the bathroom again and we can go back to bed for a bit before it's time to get up.  So we did.  She got to the point where she was done playing and just kept laying down beside me to sleep.  This was about 5:30 by then.  I thought, Perfect, I can put her in her kennel and catch a couple more hours.  No.  As soon as I put her back in the tantrum started again.  And lasted for another hour.  I finally just got up to find she had gone to the bathroom AGAIN!  But, in her kennel.  While we were cleaning it up and Churry was continuing to have her fit because we put her in another kennel, Bailey just sat there and stared at her.  I think she's shocked.

And I think my puppy is training me.

Today, we are having puppy boot camp with the potty training.  It is going much better.  Of course, she's peacefully sleeping the day away or at least trying to.  I had given her too much freedom yesterday, so today she is in a "puppy play pen".  It's an enclosed "fence" that is a larger area than the kennel, but not the whole living room and kitchen, which was clearly too big for her yesterday to be responsible in.  She's been an angel!  Back to my sweet little Churry!  Hopefully the demon Churry does not visit again tonight! 

   On a more positive note, she has shown NO FEAR at all of loud sounds.  The neighbor started his lawnmower really close to us and she just looked at it.  I was holding her and she didn't even flinch.  Just turned her head to look and watch it.  I ran the vacuum cleaner and she just sat up in her playpen and watched it very calmly.  She was also a very polite host to Kristie B. and her family today.  I was proud of her behavior.  We are going to meet Heather and her girls today.  Hopefully, her manners continue over there.

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