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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome Home!

         We have made it through almost 18 hours!  Ventura is doing fantastic!  Picking her up gave me this overwhelming feeling of responsibility that this little life was mine to shape and nurture, teach and correct, love and play with.   She did fantastic on the car ride home...sitting in my friend, Heather's, lap for the whole ride.  Immediately upon getting her out at home, though, she  vomited!  Hopefully, her car sickness doesn't persist.  She went on another short ride later that night to drop Kinsey off for a sleepover and seemed to do great.  Then we went home and met Bailey.  Bailey is such a good dog!  She is a little mother hen to her.  If she doesn't come to me when called, Bailey would walk over and stare down at her like, "You're supposed to be doing that right now"  I let Churry off her leash for a bit so the 2 could play, but they didn't really do anything.  Bailey was being SO gentle and wouldn't run and play with her.  Churry ran along beside her while Bailey just very slowly walked along.  We were very relieved Bailey has shown absolutely no jealousy or aggressiveness.  I didn't expect any, but she's been an only dog for 3 years.  Of course, Churry has tried to sit in her leather recliner, either! 


           I had forgotten what little peeing machines puppies are!  It would be easier if she wouldn't SIT DOWN to pee!  I actually praised her last night because I thought she was very politely sitting and waiting for me to get a drink.  But, then I noticed she had peed.  It was the only accident she had had in the house though, until I left Pat in charge of her so I could shower.  In the 15 minutes I was in the shower she had 3 accidents!  Apparently, she had drank a whole bowl of water with him.  And she had just had a whole bowl with me!

        Sleeping went really well.  She put herself in her kennel and layed right down and went to sleep.  I made the mistake of waking up at 1:45 and thinking she surely had to go potty.  So, silly me, WOKE HER UP, took her out to potty.  She went like a good girl, but then had a major tantrum when I wanted her to go right back to bed instead of playing.  After her 20 minute fit, she quieted down and went back to sleep until 6:00.  So, I'd say she did really well.  I think tonight I'll just let her sleep though!

      I can't wait to spend the day playing with her today and working on some sitting!

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  1. Carlin - this sounds like such a rewarding experience! I can't wait to read Churry's story as it unfolds.

    ✿ Stacy
    Land of Aha-Z!
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