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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early Bird!

I love having a puppy, but I sure wish that Churry would sleep just a bit longer!  I've put my foot down and decided she cannot have breakfast before 5:15.  She was getting earlier and earlier each day with when she wanted to get up to eat.  I put my foot down at 4:30.  She is learning to "lay back down" though so hopefully she'll just start sleeping until then to begin with.

We worked this week on sit, stay, and down.  She definitely knows what I mean on all of those commands, but is very choosy about when she's going to do them.  We will keep working.  I've also found something that she can practice "up" and "jump on" with.  This is important for visits to the vet and for people who need to groom her on an elevated surface.  I also think she knows "heel" but can't really tell if she knows the command or just knows that's the position she is supposed to get in when I'm ready to walk somewhere. 

She is very different from the snuggly little puppy Bailey always was.  She doesn't particularly like to snuggle when she sleeps.  If she's going to sleep she wants to get in her kennel to do it, not lay beside me.  But, she does like to lay with me when she's just hanging out.  This week she has discovered that she can squeeze herself between my lower back and the couch when I'm sitting on the floor and that has become her favorite spot. 

I'm excited to take her to the vet next week and see how much she has grown.  We have really been able to tell a difference this week.  Especially when we see Kinsey holding her.  She's just about to outgrow Kinsey's strength!  I'm really looking forward to PUPS days next weekend to see what new things we learn!

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  1. I remember when Spark thought 5am was time to get up. TERRIBLE! Especially when he was up every few hours during the night. He now knows he can't get up until 7am! Can't wait to see You and Churry again at PUPS days.