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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A visit to the vet

    Churry had her second visit to the vet today for another round of shots and a check-up.  She is up to 13.7 pounds.  On her first visit, which was a couple of days after I brought her home, she was 9.2 pounds.  She's growing fast!  The vet thought she looked fantastic though.  In 3 weeks she goes back and will get her last round of puppy shots and her rabies shot.  I'm excited for that, because after that she gets her cape and we can actually go somewhere! 

   Churry has shown a great distaste for a couple of things this last week.  I don't think it's fear, but a definite distaste.  The vehicle and the stairs.  So tonight when we got home we hung out at the top of the stairs for about 15 minutes.  I gave her a couple of little pieces of food to get her to sit there with me and pretty soon she started to very slowly creep down them.  She got all the way to the bottom.  I was proud of her for overcoming the fear so quickly!  We will have to keep working on the vehicle.  I really think it's just too hot for her taste when we first get in and she'd rather go back inside.

    I took Bailey and Churry on their first walk TOGETHER last night.  They did wonderful.  They both do really well on the leash individually, I just wasn't sure how it would go together because they like to play.  Churry changed from walking right beside me, which is where she generally prefers, to walking out in front beside Bailey, which is where Bailey prefers.  She had to trot along very quickly while Bailey was walking really slowly.  Churry kept on looking up at her as if she was looking for her approval for walking so well.  It was pretty cute!  I do miss the workouts that Bailey gives me with her normally quick pace.  She doesn't pull on me at all, we just walk fast.  Bailey has been getting her exercise with runs out back instead of walks so I guess if I want a workout, I'll have to go on two separate dog walks until Churry can keep up with us.  I also decided it was time to get rid of her puppy "playpen" because I'm tired of my house being clogged up with our dogs' furniture.  So I'm using a trick I learned this weekend to keep track of her.  I have her hooked to my beltloop.  It's working really well!  She's much happier being right by my side.

     I wanted to post some new pics, but when I went to download all of the pictures that Pat took of her last night, I saw he didn't have a memory card in the camera, so I'll have to take more this week.

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