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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scary Barbie Jeeps!

I think I have discovered something that Churry needs some more experience with.  Barbie jeeps are very scary!  Especially when you are sitting next to them and they suddenly take off!  Luckily, the jeep in question lives just a few doors down from us so we can revisit with it frequently until we are accustomed to it.  I'm sure it won't take my brave girl long because she was already comfortable by the 2nd time it drove by.  But, we will revisit anyway to be sure.  And those sweet girls down the way provide excellent socialization for Churry!  She gets better each time we meet a new kid. 

I also started working on Sit and Stay with her.  She is doing wonderfully!  It's been much easier to teach her than "Down" because I can give immediate verbal reprimands when she breaks the stay.  I tried to get Bailey to be a distraction after she had done it really well a few times, but Bailey also knows Sit and Stay VERY WELL and would not move when I put Churry in one.  Then when I released Churry, they both came charging across the kitchen to get the praise!  So she actually wasn't all that helpful tonight, but I'm glad she can review her skills as well.

One thing I really want to teach Churry to do is enjoy kayaking with Pat and I since that is something we love doing.  Of course, we can't do that until she gets the rest of her shots...so I wish she would quit growing so darn fast!  By the time it's safe for her to go, it may not be "safe" for me to get in a kayak with her!  I need to figure something out to get her accustomed to the rocking motion before we go. 

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  1. Carlin in sounds like little Churry is really adding some fun to your family!! Brogan & Ainsley helped your mom walk Cooper on the lead the other night. Your mom said Cooper did very well, not even realizing he was on the lead since he was too busy trying to chase after Brogan!

    ✿ Stacy
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