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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Churry's Big Week!

    Churry has had a big weekend!  We started off the weekend with an outing on Friday night.  We went over to our friend's the Garrett's for a remote control car race.  Now, Churry has been around Pat and Jacob's cars a lot in the yard.  In fact, she even did "sit" and "down" the other day several times with the cars racing right by her.  I was very proud!  But, I wondered how she would react to all the people, kids, and lots of cars racing around the track...She did fantastic!  She just sat and watched them for awhile, then decided it would be time for a nap.  She stayed at my feet the whole evening without tugging on the leash or trying to be Wild Churry.  She was even very polite to the toddler who liked walking her, etc.  She had a great night.

    We then got up at 4:00 the next morning to go to PUPS days at KSDS.  She didn't get sick on the long ride this time and she didn't even have to "go to jail" in the back because she rode very nicely on the passenger floorboard.  Yay!  At PUPS days she was very well behaved while we learned a lot of valuable information.  It was wonderful listening to the trainers, the vet, and get grooming advice for Golden fur, which is MUCH different than Lab fur!  The result of that was me coming home and ordering a new grooming kit just for Churry...SSSHHHH!  And Churry learned to potty on rocks while we were there.  That may seem silly to celebrate, but Bailey sure wouldn't do something like that! 

   I met so many wonderful people while I was there and it felt good to hear how well they thought Churry was doing.  I haven't mangaged to ruin her yet!   I was also amazed at all of the wonderful donations that Lisa got for the drawings, Silent Auction, etc.  She's awesome!!!!  And I've always been very appreciative of Hill's Pet Nutrition for supplying all of the puppies' food for free, shipped right to our door.  But, I also learned that they supply the food after they have graduated AND retired!  What an awesome company!  They certainly are very generous.  For those that don't know, KSDS places their dogs with their matches at no cost to the person receiving them.  I think that's pretty awesome!  Companies and individuals that provide generous donations certainly are appreciated and help them to do this. 

    This week Churry gets to visit the vet again and we will continue working on the skills we have been introduced to so far.  Have a great week!


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  1. I enjoyed seeing you and Churry at PUPS Days and getting to visit a little. Churry is a wonderful pup!