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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School

       I have always had a bittersweet time going back to school.  I truly LOVE my job, love the kids, the classroom, making lesson plans, buying school supplies, all of it!  Yes, I'm just a big nerd!  But, I hate knowing it's the end of the summer and the precious time I get to spend with my children.  And this year,  I hate knowing it's time for Churry to learn about the kennel for a few hours a day while we're gone.  I don't remember Bailey ever getting so sad when I would leave.  She would just lay down and go to sleep.  Now, I wouldn't call Churry's reaction sad...more like ATTITUDE.  She was NOT IMPRESSED with me shutting her in that thing after getting to play and get showered with attention for ONLY 2 hours this morning.  She was very excited to see me when I got home at lunch and after school, though, so at least she doesn't hold a grudge!
      And I am very happy to report that she has not had any more tantrums at night.  We moved the kennel into our room so that she could sleep right beside me.  She has slept very peacefully the last couple of nights.  Everyone is happy about that!
      Churry had her first visit to the vet today, too.  So, after being irritated about being in the crate, she got to go have stuff shoved in her nose and her butt and get a shot.  Not my way of ending my already crappy day, but she didn't seem to mind.  In fact, she LOVED the vet.  Apparently the table felt nice and cool because she layed on it and rolled on it and just generally acted like she was in heaven.  Then she got to go home and have supper and take a nap with me, which I enjoyed very much because she doesn't really like to snuggle a whole lot unless I'm carrying her.  She'd prefer to lay on the kitchen tile because it's cool.  After that she got an especially long play time with Bailey in the yard.  Hopefully, she's extra tired and will sleep a bit later in the morning. 
      She's getting better and better every day on her leash.  Her attention span is very short and she is very willful when she wants to go someplace different than where I had in mind.  But, when she is paying attention to me, she walks pretty nicely on it.  She also really enjoys the "TUG" command.  It's become one of her favorite activities.  I'm very impressed with her strength when she sets her feet and pulls.  For 9.7 pounds, she can really pull!  We are still working on using our manners when I get her food out, although she is improving every meal.  She also does not enjoy her daily grooming.  I don't know why, most females love being at the spa!  Maybe she's just not old enough to appreciate it yet.  I know I'm looking forward to my birthday pedicure this week!   I hope everyone has a great first week back to school if you're there with me or a great week otherwise if you're not.

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