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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Visit to the Library

      One of my family's favorite destinations in the summer is the library.  We go at least once a week to stock up on some good summer reading.  Yesterday, Churry accompanied us for the first time.  She did really well.  I wasn't really thinking it would be a place with many great training opportunities, but as it turns out there were many things that could have produced anxiety in her that I hadn't noticed or thought about before.  The first being the adult section with the tall narrow aisles filled with books from floor to ceiling.  She kept looking up to the top probably wondering how we were going to get out of there!  Then we walked through the children's section to pick up Kinsey and Tayler.  Churry was very well behaved with all of the kids/toddlers that were there.  The place is packed in the summer!  Her experience at school paid off well in this environment!  The we stood in the line to check out.  She's been having a problem with wanting to "go up" on every counter or elevated surface she encounters.  Sure enough, as soon as I set my books up on the counter, Churry popped up there to see what was going on.  Always something to work on. :)

     We also went to the vet this week for Bailey's yearly appointment.  Churry was a holy terror!  She is always "Supercharged Churry" when we are there for some reason.  This time was no exception.  She was incredibly jealous that Bailey was getting all of the "attention" from the vet!  She even stooped to making a strange unnatural whining sound a couple of times in between trying to get up on the table for her own "exam".  Between Churry acting like that, Kinsey CRYING because Bailey had to get stuck with a needle, and trying to talk to the vet, I was a hot mess by the time we left!  Luckily, Bailey is such a sweet girl that she just sits calmly for all of the procedures, although she does give me a dirty look the whole time it's happening.  After the appointment was over Churry was able to get some love from her favorite vet tech.  I find it so interesting that she responds to this girl the same way she responds to me when I get home from work....uncontrollable excitement, excited vocalizations (not barking, kind of a strange whine), and ridiculous rolling into her for more love!  She's the only other person besides me that Churry responds this way to.  She must be a really good person!

    Stay tuned for some exciting opportunities later this week!

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  1. Ha ha - the way Bailey only meets you sounds like the way Clara greets people she loves! (Told ya Clara must be a lab! HA HA).

    Yay for a great new opportunity for Churry. It's funny how we don't think there could be anything that they could possibly learn and then discover that they think the oddest things - bookshelves - are so WOW!!