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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Learning to be loved...

    While it may seem like a silly concept, dogs have to learn that some of the things you're doing are because you love and care for them...such as grooming, home health checks, and good mealtime manners.  Puppy raisers work hard to do this from the day they bring their little loved ones home and continue to work on it the whole time they have them.  One thing that has been really nice is that while Churry is learning good manners to use while having these things done, my kids are learning the important things that go along with having a pet so they may someday be responsible pet owners as well.

She has worked hard on self-control at meal time.  This was mostly accomplished by me and other family members hand-feeding her .  

Not only does she have to wait for a bite, but she has to gently and politely take it.

The waiting to eat out of her bowl also takes a lot of self-control on her part.  She is not allowed to eat any piece off of the floor or ground.   She usually eats in the same spot every day and has to sit in the spot while she waits for me to go to the garage to get her meal.  It's also good to practice in other spots as well.

While she's eating she is used to being handled and touched by any family member.  It's important that she not growl or snap at us.  She has learned to trust that we are going to feed her and are not going to keep her food from her.

She has also learned (and is still working) on polite manners while being groomed.  It's important to keep the coat brushed everyday to check for sores, ticks, and to help with the heat by keeping all the dead hair out.

Her toenails are trimmed regularly and the area between each toe pad examined for stickers, etc.

Kinsey is learning about a dog's normal heart rate and respirations and how to check it.  This can be found  around the area behind the 3rd rib.  Since she was panting here, it was not the easiest or best time to check it.

Having her ears examined is something that she needs to be used to  in order to keep them clean and also in case she would ever need drops in them.

Allowing someone to check her teeth and gums is important for many reasons, too.    Dogs need their teeth brushed just like people!

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