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Friday, June 8, 2012

Learning about her roots at the Flint Hills Discovery Center

We visited the Flint Hills Discovery Center today.  On the way home she stopped to pose  in front of part of the actual Flint Hills, although I know some places that will be much prettier than this, so we will go see those sometime this summer!
     Since KSDS places their puppies all over the United States, I thought it would be important for Churry to learn about her roots so she can share about where she came from in case she's far away!  Her people enjoy good educational outings, too, so it worked out well.  Here is some of what she learned...

She was excited when she spotted her birthplace and future college town on the map!  Although, we kept insisting to her that we were right there in the best college town today!

She practiced some downs and waits a lot today.

She practiced lots of "go up" only when asked.

She really enjoyed watching the fire on the movie screen here and learning about why ranchers burn their pastures in the Flint Hills.  There were tons of special effects in the museum today including loud thunder and lightning periodically while we were in there to simulate a Kansas thunderstorm.

She wasn't sure about these people and horses...they look a bit off!

She enjoyed watching the train go around.

She learned about our state flower.  We will have to get some pictures in front of some real sunflowers sometime.

She was very confused about why she couldn't see the animals making all of these noises.  She was just sure they were back there.  She heard various birds, insects, and a coyote.

She learned about our state mammal, the bison.

And she slept right through the cool movie and all of it's special effects including more fire, more thunderstorms, snow actually falling on us, lightning bugs surrounding us in the dark, etc.  None of it bothered her resting a bit!

And finally, she enjoyed watching the crazy spouts of water popping up everywhere and didn't try to jump into them.

It's a great educational outing for kids of all ages.  We'd highly recommend the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, KS!  Churry, Kinsey and Tayler were sad we had to leave so soon...Bill Snyder was going to be making an appearance and giving a presentation there later today, but we had to get home for Tayler to work.  It would have been a great addition to her K-State photo collection!

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  1. Aw, I've wanted to take my puppies there since it opened!