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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Trip to the Aquarium

      Jacob, Kinsey and I went on one of our fun summer educational adventures today to the aquarium.  I figured Churry would really love this outing because she loves the tanks at Cabella's and Bass Pro Shop so much.  But, she was pretty nervous the whole time.  Not so much because of the fish tanks, but because of the crazy number of people.  It could also be because I can't stand crowds so I'm sure she was reading my cues as being an unenjoyable experience.  When we were able to get close to a tank without being crowded she did relax and enjoy looking.  I did find a couple of areas we need to work on though.  When I stop to look and it's crowded around me, she's not sure what to do or where to wait.  She also wanted NOTHING to do with the observation tank that was glass on the bottom and you could see the fish swimming underneath you!  The same with the escalators today.  Not going near those scary things, either!  Other than that she had really good manners.  She was very good with greeting people today...and there were lots of people who just reached out and pet her, too!  She waited in line patiently, enjoyed eating outside with us and remained exactly where I asked her to the entire meal.  She walked over food and things on the ground without trying to nibble and didn't seem to mind any of the loud, dark areas we  were in.   We even visited a few of the places that her old friends, Vance and Hosta, had visited, but we didn't get to stay too long in any of them.  We have a couple of other trips to go back planned with some other sightseeing to do so we will revisit them.  The lady in the store clearly thought I was Vance and Hosta's PR because she got really excited and said, "Oh, you brought her on a Thursday this time!"  Well, I've never been there so I'm guessing it's Lisa's frequent visits she was thinking of.  :)  Overall, a pretty good outing and the kids enjoyed the aquarium.  Not a huge number of pictures because the lighting and my little budding photographer (Jacob) were not getting along too well.  But, here's a few to enjoy...

She liked to get right up to the glass to look at everything!

Churry really wanted to participate in the touch tank!

Finally, some space!

This is looking down through the glass observation deck that she refused to step out on.

She does very well in tight spaces with me.

Enjoying lunch outside on a beautiful day!

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  1. Ha ha - you can tell I go there a lot huh! That is funny about the crayola store lady! She gets so excited about the pups coming in!