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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Today is my sweet girl's birthday!  I think this day must be the day every puppy raiser dreads...you don't know if you'll see another one.  I feel pretty good about how much time I have left with her considering how many litters are still out ahead of her, but I can't get the thought out of my head that my time with her could easily be halfway done.  I put together a power point of her first year that I intend to put on a CD and give to her partner...if I get one of my techy friends to help me I'll get it on here somehow.  It was fun to go back and look at all of her pictures...the things she's learned, places she's been and how much she has grown and changed.  It's because of her I've made some wonderful new friends and my kids have had a wonderful experience learning about the gift of giving!

We celebrated her birthday with her brother Perdido.  We took them to the lake, had a picnic, opened presents, played on the playground equipment, and then let them swim.

They weren't sure what to think of those hats at first, but eventually sat and posed for us.

They just caught sight of their cake sitting below them!

Very good "Leave it" Churry!

In pure Churry fashion, she will not take her new toy in her mouth!

Perdido is more interested in her new octopus than she is at the moment!

Perdido showing his good manners and thanking his PR, Daisy for the party!

And Churry is enjoying all of the special attention today!


  1. How long do the raisers generally have the pups? The pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind only stay with raisers for 14-16 months.