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Saturday, June 2, 2012

June's Puppy Gathering

   Today I had the scary experience of running puppy class!  Our regular fabulous leader was not there (and apparently no other competent person was available or willing!) so she asked if I would run it.  Hopefully, everyone who attended didn't think it was a total waste of their time.  We worked on many things...greetings with people, passing by other dogs without interacting with them, lots of children's toys that moved and made noise, sits, downs, stays, etc.  My proud moments today were when Churry worked for my friend Ethan and followed his commands willingly!  Great job, Ethan!

Churry is not setting the best example of a Down right here, but at least she's down I guess.

But, she did awesome with her Stays today!

Here is one of the new Wine litter puppies, Reisling doing an awesome Down/Stay.

And Blizzard showing off her Stay skills.

Very good manners from Reisling!

I love that Churry was keeping her eyes on me all day today!

Heeling with a nice loose leash for another handler!

Getting some Golden kisses from puppy Emmons!

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  1. Looks like a great time - thanks for helping out!!!