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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Churry's First parade

     Something that I have wanted to take Churry to for quite awhile and haven't had the opportunity to is a parade.  Today, the opportunity presented itself.  Since Pat and I had already decided to spend the afternoon together taking Churry to puppy class, we decided to make a day of it and attend a nearby parade, too.  There were tons of new sights and sounds for her to take in from bands to noisy little cars to sirens to a gigantic flag hanging above her very close to where were were seated.  She was very interested in everything and didn't know where to look first, but eventually settled at my feet to rest for the second half of it.  After that, we went to a bike shop for Pat to look, out to eat, then to puppy class.  On the way home, we hit Mass street and explored another bike shop and a few other stores.  She is one tired puppy!

Our first distraction of the day.  It's hard to tell, but it was almost directly overhead as we walked past.  Then we sat very near it.

We walked right past this fire engine on our way in.  She has never been around a loud, running firetruck and it made her a bit nervous, but she maintained her heel.  Now, it was running it's siren!

More loud noise!

Not only loud, but they looked to her like they were coming right at her!

Another loud and potentially aggressive car!  She didn't take her eye off of them!

She is watching those suspicious cars!

Finally, something trustworthy that she could not worry about!

Relaxing at last!

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