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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working at the lake?!

     Tonight was another one of those times when I took Churry with me thinking I was just going for a walk around the lake and wasn't particularly going to have any interesting training opportunities.  However, the usually quiet lake was hoppin' tonight!  Pat and Kinsey went kayaking and right by the dock where we put the kayaks in there was a  band playing, complete with some bells, trumpets, drums, and all kinds of other very loud instrumental music.  It sounded like a cross between polka music and fiesta music.  The part that was really disturbing to her is that she couldn't figure out where the music was coming from because the shelter house they were in was behind some trees, but it was very close.

    Then, there were sailboat races going on, which I enjoyed watching.  We had impeccable timing with our walk because we were right there when three of them pulled up to the dock.  Churry was very fascinated, yet a bit nervous about the loud flapping sails up close and personal in her space.  As if that wasn't enough, the dock we were walking on was kind of swaying and the planks had gaps between them so you could see through to the lake below.  LOTS of stimulation in a short amount of time!  We sat and watched them pull the sails down and load the boats up.  The gentleman was very nice, although Churry let out a little woof when he bent over to pet her.  A non-threatening one, but it still caught me off guard.  I think she was nervous about his hat he was wearing.  Hopefully, she doesn't do that again!

    After that, we continued on our walk and went over a couple of rickety old bridges that, again, you can see through down to the lake.  One of them was very narrow and about 12 feet in the air with wire type fencing for sides so she could see down to the lake below.  She did great on all of the bridges and all of the swaying docks.  She also did awesome at keeping her paws on the ground and her tongue inside her mouth when a couple of kids pet her.

   It was a beautiful evening and she's excited for her birthday tomorrow!

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