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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Hot Out There!

      With our temperatures soaring well above 100 degrees each day, I've been rather lazy about outings! Other than her weekly outing to the Children's Discovery Center we haven't gone anywhere exciting.   So, we don't have a whole lot to report other than Churry has still been working on "leave it" in the kitchen.  I spent a few hours today freezing some zuchinni and corn from the garden.  That's a fairly messy project and Churry had lots of practice with "leave it".  She did a very good job!  She's also enjoyed some evening walks and lots of snuggles while trying to beat the heat.  She hasn't shown any fear at all of all the new sounds around the neighborhood with the firecrackers, either.  Hopefully, that contines through the 4th!

I love that she walks so nicely on a loose leash!

                                                   And she loves to get sprayed by the hose!

                       After I water my flowers and garden every night, I let Churry have a turn.  She loves it!

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