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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Leave It Training

     Today was supposed to have been Jet's first puppy gathering with the KC/Lawrence puppy raiser group.  As it turned out, he woke up with a bit of an eye infection on Friday morning and the vet said he might be contagious.  It's nothing serious, but didn't want to cause all the other PIT's to look like they woke up with pink-eye tomorrow morning!  So, instead, Jacob and I went and helped with some distractions.  When we came home, Jet got a little training of his own.  Don't think I'd just let him skip class!  At class we worked on Leave-it with some noisy baby toys and Jacob's RC car.  We also worked on the dogs allowing us to pet them all over with the toys in hand as well as handle all body parts...ears, eyes, mouth, paws, tail, tummy, etc.   So tonight, Jet got to practice Leave it and got an all-over rub and petting including paws, tail, etc.

This little bumble bee buzzes and vibrates.

This particular toy he's looking at sings and actually barks

"What do you mean I can't play with them.  Why did you put them there then?"

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  1. Way to go Jet!!!! housebound - but still learning!