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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remote control cars

        One of the first things we exposed Churry to that was noisy or potentially scary was Pat and Jacob's RC cars.  She loved them!  So we introduced Jet to them last night.  They are wonderful because they are an excellent way to wear out a puppy and set them up for sleeping soundly.  Jet loved chasing the car!  He barked at it quite a bit, but it was during free play time so I believe that is okay.  He is definitely more vocal than Churry was so it is definitely a skill we will work on....knowing when a bark is acceptable and when it is not.  Here's some pictures of the fun.
"Meeting" the car

Listening to the strange sounds

Watching it drive off for the first time

Jumping at the car

You can see the exuberance in this picture!  Ears flying and sprinting around as fast as he can!
      And, besides acclimating him to the noise and moving object, I accomplished my goal of a sound sleep!  Even some sleeping in this morning!

     Then, today, he was having the best time scooting around on the floor with Jacob.  Jacob had him on his belly and was sliding around the floor as fast as his feet would scoot them.  Jet seemed to love it!  He kept coming back for more rides!

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