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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Putting him to work already!

While we still spent the majority of the day today continuing to play and bond, Little Jet did get some work in, too!  I am helping a fantastic friend get ready to teach 1st grade with me next year and this morning we spent about 4 hours at my kitchen table going through some things.  Jet had his first experience at sitting at my feet or at my side while I worked.  It wasn't too hard because he prefers to be near me and he slept most of the time snuggled up with my foot.

He also has shown great interest in carrying things around in his mouth, so I took advantage of that trait right away and put him to work helping me bring in the mail.

Then, he practiced sitting at the door...

And, waiting for me to go through first...

Then, it was time for his dinner.  Working on our manners with food is extremely important.  I hand feed my puppies in the beginning to develop trust with them.  It also helps with them learning good table manners.  They are not allowed to eat anything off of the floor and they are supposed to eat slowly and chew their food.  Jet has learned to sit and wait for his bites.  He also is learning to ignore food on the floor, another skill I am starting much earlier than I did with Churry because it was a problem with her!

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  1. I love it when dogs love to carry things in their mouth!!! Adorable!! How do you get them to chew? Whenever I hand fed Haddie/Kolby at that age, after about eight offerings they would just swallow and skip the chewing for the rest of their kibble.Good Job, Jet!! What a great day.