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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

     Little Jet and the Smith family would like to wish all of our readers a very happy 4th of July and thank the service men and women who have given us all the freedom we enjoy!  We are very blessed!

     On another note, I'm also very blessed that my two canine kids are totally calm about the fireworks.  They could care less.  I know this is a day that many pet owners struggle with because their furry friends have so much anxiety.  We, fortunately, do not.  In fact, Jet and Bailey both enjoy watching the fireworks with us.  We do use extra precautions just in case, but we have not had a problem.  I knew Bailey wouldn't be scared, but obviously didn't know how Little Jet would respond.  I watched him very closely all day yesterday as the popping sounds happened.  He would look around to see where it came from, but in a totally calm manner.  He did not jump.  I think having Bailey there showing him there was nothing to fear helped.  I decided it would be safe to take him to our friend's house last night to enjoy some S'mores and small fireworks on their driveway.  Jet can't go many places right now because he does not have all of his shots so I use extreme caution in taking him places.  This particular friend has no animals around and we stayed on the concrete driveway, so I thought it was safe.  *Sidenote...It drives me absolutely nuts to see people in PetSmart or PetCo with their tiny little puppies walking around on the dirty floor.  You just never know about other people's pets, so please use care in exposing your fur babies!  They will still be adorable in 12-16 weeks when they're shots are complete and you can show them off then!*   Anyway, Jet did awesome!  He was not bothered by the fireworks at all.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy them.  He stayed right by my side on his leash until he got sleepy, then he curled up in my lap for a  nap.  So sweet!  I love that he enjoys a good snuggle!  And he didn't even try to sample my S'more once.  He very politely allowed me to have my snack in peace.  He's a gem!  He will stay home during the bigger party and fireworks display we will see this evening.  It will be a good chance for him to learn it's okay to be crated while I leave for awhile.  Have a happy and safe 4th!

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