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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Self-Entertaining Dogs

       Bailey has always had a deep love of the game of fetch.  And she begs to play even sometimes in the house, which we don't allow, of course!  So a couple of years ago she discovered that she could play fetch with herself by dropping her ball down the stairs, going to get it, and then repeating.  As long as she's using a soft ball we don't mind because she never gets wild playing the game.  Yesterday, I noticed that she and Jet were sitting at the top of the stairs looking down.  I saw her go down and bring the ball up like usual while Jet just sat there.  Then, when she got to the top, she dropped it down, looked at Jet, and he went to get it.  I don't know what sort of doggie communication they had going on, but it looked as if Jet was waiting for the "okay" each time before he went down to get the ball. This repeated about 4 of 5 times.  It was sweet to see Bailey "teaching" Jet her game.  And amazing that she wanted to share in the game!  She's a bit selfish with her toys!   Here are some pics...

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  1. Now that is a good trick right there! Jet looks entertained as well! Bailey is teaching him well!