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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Introducing Indium!

It seems almost surreal that a little over a week ago I was having my week of lasts with my Churry.  Now, I'm having a week of firsts with my little guy Indium!  What an emotional roller coaster!  I met Indium this morning and he is now napping after his first meeting with Tayler, Kinsey, and myself along with meeting Bailey.  Excuse the terrible quality of photos!  I'm so excited to start the journey over!

"Where did you come from?"

Maybe if I bark at her I can get that bone!

Bailey is teaching him the pecking order at the Smith house...very nicely, of course!

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  1. Fun to see another black puppy in the mix of blogland. =) Jet is adorable!! I am so excited we get to travel this journey again with you. Happy Puppy Raising!!