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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Nights

      Almost any summer night you can find my guys either biking or messing around with their RC cars.  Usually, the dogs get to run around playing with them, but tonight I made Jet "work" during the RC car time.  He got free time later.  I worked him up and down the street making him work on a loose leash, sit, downs, etc. while the RC cars were zooming back and forth on the street beside us, neighbors were out and about, people walking their dogs, etc.  That's one thing that's great about our neighborhood...we are full of many of the things that our PIT's are supposed to practice around...toddlers, toys, dogs, people of all ages, etc.  He did really, really well.  He does a good job of not pulling at all.  If anything, he lags behind at times, but is making improvements on that every day.  When we were done walking we practiced him remaining seated while the car drove in a close circle around him.  He didn't really like the car driving behind him at first, but after a couple of times he remained seated while it went behind him.


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