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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jet Goes to Work

      This is that time of year when I start going into my classroom a few hours at a time...gradually increasing my stamina to actually attend work full time!  One of the many blessings of being a teacher is the breaks, even though I do so much work during my "time off" that it doesn't always seem like a huge break.  But, I can't complain because a break is a break.  And it is nice to ease myself back into my routine.  So, the last week I have gone into work several times.  And Jet has been able to go with me.  It's a nice training for him since he still doesn't have his cape.

     He has worked on lying quietly without whining when I walk away from him.  That was never an issue with Churry, but with Jet, that's another story.  He's making improvements, though, and today there was very minimal whining from him.  He's learning his role and his spot.

    He also got to hear the fire alarms today.  Luckily, they announce that they are going to be testing them, so I took him outside, and allowed him to reenter the building at his own pace.  He took it in stride, although he was mildly nervous when we were in the main entry where it is the loudest.

     He watched the copy machine, greeted several people, had toddlers/kids play with him for a bit, and practiced carrying things.  One thing I love about Jet is his enthusiasm for work.  He is SO PROUD when he is working.  He LOVES it!  He will carry absolutely anything I ask.  (at least that I've tried so far)  And he's learning to pick things up off the floor.  His only bad habit so far is if I don't let him carry something, especially the mail which he has deemed to be his job, he will jump up and try to snatch it out of my hand.

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