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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Self-Control Starts Early

     Many people always asked  how I got Churry to be so calm in so many situations with so many distractions.  Self-control exercises start very early.  We have been working this week on sitting and waiting when we go through any doorway.  My little smarty pants has mastered that at our front door and is pretty much doing it automatically now.  So yesterday we started work on automatic sits as soon as I stop walking.   He has it down pat when I use a command and occasionally he will give me an automatic sit when I stop.  He is doing a very good job of sitting while remaining in the correct heel position and not swinging out from me or walking around me, etc.  Today, I added in a distraction while we were in a sit position.  I was using a favorite toy and bouncing it in front of him while we were sitting.  He did amazing!  This pup has phenomenal self-control for his young age!  The only time he broke his sit is when I missed catching the ball and it kind of did a crazy bounce right in front of him.   Good boy, Jet!

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